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Some Shocking Statistics

  • Lung cancer kills more Canadians yearly than combined breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers.
  • Despite this, lung cancer is one of 6 cancers designated as orphan cancers by the Canadian Cancer Society.
  • Breast Cancer accounts for 7% of cancer deaths and receives 22% of research funding. Lung Cancer accounts for 26% of cancer deaths but receives 5% of research funding.
  • Approximately 20% of lung cancer patients are never smokers. Anyone can get lung cancer. Lung cancer is a disease, not a punishment.

Revolutionizing lung cancer detection
Recent cancer diagnostic advances help more cancer patients live longer and better lives. Biomarker testing, an advanced diagnostic test, identifies patients eligible for therapies that more precisely and effectively target their tumour cells. As a result, patients experience fewer toxic side effects than conventional therapy.

Sunnybrook is a major lung cancer diagnostic centre in Ontario, with annual testing volumes of about 1,200 lung cancers.  Liquid biopsy is a minimally invasive test that detects fragments of cancer cells (biomarkers) circulating in the bloodstream.

Fundraisers like Crush it with Bev! play a powerful role in bringing the latest technologies, testing and treatments to patients at Sunnybrook to revolutionize lung cancer care.

Your support at work
Your support in 2021 enabled the purchase of an Ion Chef. This specialized tool automates lung cancer biomarker testing to ensure accuracy and efficiency, allowing Sunnybrook to test tumour samples faster and increase capacity so that more patients can receive personalized, precision diagnoses and treatments. Revolutionizing lung cancer detection.

In 2022, your donations helped support clinical trials and train the next generation of specialists to advance lung cancer research. A portion also helped Sunnybrook obtain the hardware needed to perform Rapid Onsite Cytology Evaluation (ROSE). ROSE allows clinicians to determine whether a biopsy is positive for cancer quickly. Crucially, this decreases the timeline to determine an appropriate course of action for treatment.

In 2023, we will support research into a better diagnostic test, liquid biopsy, a less invasive procedure that results in earlier treatment. More information: Precision Diagnostics For Lung Cancer(pdf)

Please donate at Bev’s Fundraising Page and you’ll receive a charitable donation receipt for the full amount.

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