Meet Bev Moir

Bev Moir is raising funds for Lung Cancer Testing at SunnybrookI was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer four years ago and told to get my affairs in order. As a never-smoker with a healthy lifestyle, the news was shocking. I subsequently learned that about 20% of lung cancer diagnoses are never smokers.

The excellent care and treatment I received at Sunnybrook have made me a lung cancer advocate—specifically for advanced diagnostic testing. I benefited from this testing which allows some patients to receive targeted therapy, a more precise approach with fewer side effects.

I’m fortunate to have had two incredible careers – nursing/health care administration and wealth management at ScotiaWealth. Now I’ve found a third career – a lung cancer crusader. Follow my progress here:

In 2021 our tournament raised over $150,000, and we purchased the Ion Chef Instrument for Sunnybrook. In 2022, your donations helped support clinical trials and train the next generation of specialists to advance lung cancer research. In 2023, we aim to reach a cumulative fundraising total of $500,000 and support a better diagnostic test, liquid biopsy, a less invasive procedure that results in earlier treatment.

The support of my family, friends and former colleagues will help me make this year’s event even better. Please join us and help make this happen. THANK YOU!

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