Thanks to golfers and supporters

After two successful events, raising $350,000 for Sunnybrook Lung Cancer Research, our third event will occur on Monday, July 10th, at the Granite Golf Club. Expect a special celebrity guest and lots of fun.


  • Lung cancer kills more Canadians yearly than combined breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers.
  • 20% of lung cancer patients are never smokers.
  • Lung cancer is a disease, not a punishment.
  • Breast cancer accounts for 6% of cancer deaths and receives 26% of cancer research funding. Lung cancer accounts for 26% of cancer deaths and receives 6% of cancer research funding. (Lung Cancer Canada)

November 2022
They say, ‘nothing succeeds like success,’ and that’s precisely what happened in 2022. Building on last year’s donation, we added another $100+K to the tally and have raised over $335,000 for Sunnybrook Lung Cancer.

There are smiles all around  – from my amazing committee to the research team at Sunnybrook, who continue to innovate and give hope to cancer patients like me.  This year’s donation is earmarked for liquid biopsy research – a specialized, non-invasive test to detect cancer in the blood. The pathologist only needs a sample of your blood, pleural fluid, or urine to detect cancer and the mutations your cancer cells may have. This research will continue to help Ontarians facing a sobering cancer diagnosis. Learn more at Why Donate.

‘Crush it with Bev’ has succeeded beyond my expectations. Simply put, we will not stop. With people like you on my team, we can make a difference. You’ll hear more in the Spring about our 2023 plans.   Enjoy the season, and stay healthy.

Bev Moir

PS. Please donate at Bev’s Fundraising Page. Thank you!

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