Crush it with Bev … we did it!

Greetings golfers and supporters,

As they say in Hollywood, ‘It’s a wrap!’ Of course, we’re talking about ‘Crush it with Bev’ – in support of Sunnybrook Lung Cancer. We crushed our fundraising goal and raised $150,000.

The monies came from donations (personal and corporate), sponsorships, the Lebovic golf day and on-line auction. If you’re wondering where the money goes, we want you to know the tangible, very real difference this money makes.

The short answer is: it goes towards biomarker testing and the work being done by Sunnybrook’s Dr. David Hwang. When a person (like me) is diagnosed at Sunnybrook, they typically take a tissue sample. This is tested for various markers, which in turn, help with a targeted treatment plan. If a person tests for biomarkers A, E and G, then the treatment plan targets them. This is a game changer in treating lung cancer.

Our monies will purchase the Ion Chef Instrument, diagnostic equipment manufactured by ThermoFisher Scientific. This boxy, non-descript piece of technology handles multiple samples at the same time giving valuable findings quickly and accurately. Waiting for results can be anxiety inducing (trust me) and this rapid testing alleviates much of the wait. But more importantly, it’s the treatment plan that addresses the individual’s cancer – in a methodical and personalized way.

This year’s success with Crush it with Bev has inspirited us for 2022. We’ve already booked Lebovic for September 14, 2022 and you will be first on our mailing list. Hoping that Covid subsides by then and we can be together on that day.

Please note Lebovic is closing the course on October 17 for the season. Congrats to them for running a Covid-free season due to strict protocols.

That’s all for now. Sharing a picture of me handing off the big cheque to Dr. Hwang. It was a proud and emotional moment for me. Thank you for making this happen.


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